1899 Consecration

Loyal Travellers Lodge derives its name from the group of commercial travellers who, finding it difficult to associate themselves with Lodges which met during the week, gathered together with the intention of forming a Saturday Lodge.

Naturally, at the end of the nineteenth century commercial travellers did not have the benefit of company cars and would leave home on Monday morning and not return until Friday.  So it was that under the sponsorship of Elkington Lodge No. 1016 that the Founders of this Lodge met; the first Saturday Lodge to be formed.

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The Masonic Temple was then in New Street and was bounded by Pinfold Street and Ethel Street. The external facade is very similar in appearance today. On the first floor of the Temple at the corner of Pinfold Street a large curved window can be observed. This was the snooker room and those brethren who were Council members could easily be summoned from the nearby Council House should their presence be required.

It was here that on Saturday 4 February 1899 the Provincial Grand Lodge of Warwickshire met to consecrate Loyal Travellers Lodge, No. 2733. The founding members were:

Richard Alfred Matthews, a Commercial Traveller,  Edward Smith Sumner, a Commercial Traveller,  Hans Graf, a Merchant,  William Osborne Lewis, a Manufacturer,  W.H. Welshman, a Commercial Traveller,  E.R.A. Matthews, a Manager,  A.J. Webb, a Manufacturer,  Isaiah Guy, a Commercial Traveller,  W.J. Woolcott, a Commercial Traveller,  William W. Lawrence, a Commercial Traveller,  E.J. Collins, a Manuafacturer,  W. Hopkins, a Commercial Traveller,  John Clay, a Commercial Traveller,  Russell Smith, a Commercial Traveller,  I. Collins, a Commercial Traveller.

It was thirteen years since the last consecration of a new lodge had taken place, that of the Swan of Avon Lodge, No. 2133, and naturally there was a large attendance of five hundred and twenty Brethren to witness the proceedings. Owing to the unavoidable absence of Lord Leigh, the Provincial Grand Master, the Very Worshipful Brother Sir Edward Letchworth, Grand Secretary, entered the room with other Grand Officers and consecrated the Lodge in due form assisted by Worshipful Brother George Beech, Deputy Provincial Grand Master, and Officers of Provincial Grand Lodge.

Worshipful Brother R.A. Matthews (above) Worshipful Master Designate, was duly installed as Worshipful Master. On this occasion there were thirteen propositions for Initiation and five joining members. After the Lodge was closed the Brethren dined in style at the Grand Hotel, Colmore Row. The charity box contained the princely sum of £4.

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